The Making of the Cestone Sofa

The Cestone sofa was designed to be placed at the center of the living room.
In the spotlight are the sofa’s back and sides, parts that cannot usually be counted on to bring added value.
Instead, the back and sides of the Cestone sofa are made up of a metal structure upholstered with woven strips of cowhide.


The company’s aesthetic language is better expressed through the concept of discreet elegance that translates to uncluttered shapes and soft, never ostentatious, materials. The Flexform world is one of good manners and good taste, a kind of artistic finesse. A Flexform sofa is like a blue blazer in the world of fashion: simple, deconstructed, refined, down to the smallest detail.


Safeguarding the Made in Italy reputation also depends on the supply chain.
Leather, fabrics, wood, metal and upholstery materials must meet the highest standards. Because Flexform is known around the world for its sofas – with their trademark soft, generous cushions – extraordinary care goes into selecting quality feather and down fill for the cushions. These materials are luxurious, lightweight, lending warmth and softness, and are of guaranteed, certified origin.


The timeless approach to design is a balanced blend of refined lightness that is never outdated. A symphony of tasteful elegance and moderation; an understated, eternally modern approach. And, above all, tactile and visual comfort – the warm, enveloping feeling of an oasis experienced by anyone who sinks into a Flexform sofa, surrounded by cozy, familiar objects – armchairs, side tables, accessories – that create an intimate, cocoon-like effect.


Decades of Icons

“Each and every sofa sets the scene for a medley of different uses” - Antonio Citterio.