Winny Sofa Bed

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WINNY is a double sofa-bed with a simple patented extension mechanism. When closed, it has all the charm of a soft, welcoming Flexform sofa, epitomizing sophisticated elegance. At the same time, it responds to the needs of those who want a piece of great quality but also need more sleeping space, perhaps in a vacation home or in an apartment of limited size.


  • Option 1 - cm W140/175 x D102/122/216 x H28/39/59/87
  • Option 2 - cm W160/195 x D102/122/216 x H28/39/59/87
  • Option 3 - cm W180/215 x D102/122/216 x H28/39/59/87
  • Option 4 - cm W195/230 x D102/122 x H39/59/87

FRAME in metal with foam polyurethane padding covered with a protective fabric lining.

SEAT pull-out with a patented mechanical movement.

BACKREST CUSHIONS in polyurethane and dacron. Down Filling for the ART. WINNYQUATTRO / WINNYCINQUE.

PLATFORM with wooden slats.

UPHOLSTERY removable fabric or leather covers.

BED-SOFA CM 175 mattress cm140x195.

BED-SOFA CM 195 mattress cm 160x195.

BED-SOFA CM 215 mattress cm 180x195.

BED-SOFA CM 230 mattress cm 95x195.

PATENT NR. 01298766