Wing Sofa



Light, airy, clearly architectonic in character, WING has a slender metal base raised off the floor. The almost invisible legs seem to make it float in the air. The back, a soft geometric parallelepiped, low and deep, is supported by slender metal parts fastened to the rear of the structure. The back is separated from the seat, accentuating the sense of lightness. Linear or in groupings, ideal for the home but also perfect for contract applications, WING is a versatile project, created for a demanding, sophisticated audience.

FRAME metal covered with hide leather: white (5007), grey (5003), black (5005), olive (5006), Russian red (5008), sand (5001), tobacco (5015), dark brown (5004), extra dark brown (5013). Also available in suede: olive (6003), dark brown (6004), black (6005), sand (6001) with a polyurethane mattress under the seating.

SEAT CUSHIONS filled with down and resilient inner core.

BACKREST in foam polyurethane and dacron with metal inserts.

FEET/ BACKREST SUPPORT in satined, chromed, black chromed, burnished or champagne aluminum.

THROW-PILLOWS down-filled, on request with an upcharge.

UPHOLSTERY removable fabric or leather covers.

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