Margaret Bed

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MARGARET is a bed that it is a solid collection with a squared, geometric wooden structure, enhanced by the cowhide cover that clings, without padding to the wooden headboard of the bed with special stitching to add a tailor-made touch. The pieces are reminders of the austerity of Shaker furniture, attenuated by the elegance of the cowhide covering.


  • Option 1 - cm W163 or W173 or W183 or W203 x D218 x H24/44/54/114
  • Option 2 - cm W165 or W175 or W185 or W205 x D221 x H30/50/114
  • Option 3 - cm W158 or W198 x D221 x H30/50/114 (Mattress Size of US Queen and King)

UPHOLSTERED BASE in wood with polyurethane padding covered with a protective fabric lining.

STORAGE BASE with mechanism and platform fitted with wooden slats.

BASE WITH PLATFORM fitted with wooden slats, adjustable at different heights: 1- 4.5 cm, 2 - 7.3 cm, 3 - 9.5 cm, 4 - 12.3 cm. If you use your own platform, please verify in advance its position inside the bed frame.

HEADBOARD in solid wood Canaletto walnut, Canaletto walnut extra, Canaletto walnut stained coffee, ashwood natural, stained teak, stained ebony, stained wenge, stained cherry, stained walnut, stained coffee, stained brown and hide leather: Russian red (5008), white (5007), olive (5006), black (5005), dark brown (5004), dark brown extra (5013), grey (5003), sand (5001), tobacco (5015). also available in black suede (6005), dark brown suede (6004), olive suede (6003) or sand suede (6001).


MATTRESS dimensions to be verified in the price list.

UPHOLSTERY in removable fabric or leather.