Jiff Dining Table



A forcefully mono-material collection of dining tables, small tables, and consoles. Only solid wood, Canaletto walnut or ash, for the structure and the top. The wood comes in a range of finishes, from natural to coffee, cherry to mocha. The particular design of the four legs of the dining tables unites them at the base in a single longitudinal element, parallel to the top. Three legs are joined at the base in the trio of JIFF tables, which look great beside a sofa. Also rigorously in natural or stained solid wood.


FRAME AND TOP in Canaletto walnut, Canaletto walnut extra, Canaletto walnut stained coffee. ashwood natural, stained teak, stained ebony, stained wenge, stained cherry, stained walnut, stained coffee, stained brown. ART. 11Z70-11Z71-11Z72 also available lacquered white, black, grey-green, lilac, mocha, salmon pink, dove grey or pine green.

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