Eden Sofa Bed

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EDEN is a family of products for relaxation and slumber. The particular feature of the collection is the original frame in metal and wood, entirely covered with saddle hide, giving the product a precise connotation of luxury, functioning as the headboard of the sofa bed.

The sofa-bed has a wooden slat platform and comes as a double bed or two twin beds; in the latter solution, the second extractable bed is raised off the ground with a simple touch of the foot, thanks to a patented mechanism that greatly facilitates the operation. 

*Optional Add-on Pair of cushions with Duvet and Sleeping Pillow


  • Option 1 - cm W167 x D78/105 x H39/66/73 (mattress cm 160x200)
  • Option 2 -  cm W187 x D78/105 x H39/66/73 (mattress cm 180x200)
  • Option 3a - cm W214 x D91 x H42/66/76 (mattress cm 200x200)
  • Option 3b - cm W214 x D91 x H42/66/76 (second bed with a pull-out patented mechanism, a platform with wooden slats. Top mattress cm 86x208; Lower mattress cm 82x202)
  • Option 4 - cm W294 x D202 x H28/66 (mattress cm 160x200)
  • Option 5 - cm W314 x D202 x H28/66 (mattress cm 180x200)

FRAME AND BACKREST in metal and wood covered with hide leather: russian red (5008), white (5007), olive (5006), black (5005), dark brown (5004), dark brown extra (5013), grey (5003), sand (5001), tobacco (5015).

WINGS’ FEET ART.: 15F02-15F04-15F11 in satined, chromed, burnished, champagne or black chromed metal.

BACKREST CUSHIONS in polyurethane and dacron.

SEAT CUSHION mattress in polyurethane covered with protective fabric lining.

THROW PILLOWS down-filled on request with an upcharge. available also with sleeping pillow or duvet. platform with wooden slats.

UPHOLSTERY removable fabric covers.