A Flexform has been likened to an impeccably tailored blue blazer in the world of clothing: simple, timeless, and refined, down to the smallest details.

Colour palettes veer towards neutrals such as ivory, sand tones, warm greys, champagne and burnished metal hues, with leathers in shades of cowhide, tobacco, honey and dove grey, inducing a landscape of quiet calm that puts whoever who views it at ease. Flexform’s commitment to making products of extreme quality is also underscored by the proud fact that their production has been based in a single production plant in Meda, Italy since the brand’s inception in 1959.

The Flexform environment comprises living islands organised around iconic products, and feature pale travertine flooring and dark aluminium strip ceilings together with internal courtyards filled with lush greenery. The result is a space that is both unmistakably modern as well as emblematic of the brand’s signature enduring contemporary elegance, tactile comfort and discreet luxury.

NEW from Flexform

Campiello Sofa
Newbridge Sofa
Adda Bed
Spello Dining Table
Hera Armchair
From €1.775,00
Leda Armchair
From €2.572,00
Sveva Armchair with Swivel Base & Spokes
Regular price €4.574,00
Sveva Coffee Tables
From €1.923,00
Este Bench
From €2.810,00
Gustav Coffee and Side Table
Ascanio Side Tables
From €1.840,00
Taylor TV Console/ Cabinet
Morgan Armchair
Feel Good/ Feel Good Ten Sofa
Fly Rectangular Coffee Table
Fly Rectangle Dining Table (Extendable)
From €4.130,00
Edmond Chaise Lounge
Piuma Coffee Table/ TV Console
From €7.777,00
Piuma Bed Side Table
From €3.155,00
Piuma Bar Cabinet
From €9.322,00
Zefiro Square Coffee and Side Table
From €1.062,00
Zefiro Rectangle Coffee Table
From €2.413,00
Giano Console
From €2.946,00
Jiff Console
From €2.491,00
Brig Console
From €2.682,00
Brig Coffee Table
From €2.813,00
Fly Round Coffee & Side Tables
From €1.234,00
Fly Service and Slot in Side Tables
From €1.936,00
Fly Oval Coffee Table
From €5.310,00
Carlotta Break Side Table
Regular price €618,00
Soffio Console
From €3.637,00
Fly Console
From €3.535,00
Cestone Side Table
From €705,00
Gustav Rectangular Dining Table
Zefiro Round Dining Table
From €2.860,00
Fly Round Dining Table
From €6.097,00
Guscioalto/ Guscioalto Soft Armchair
Feel Good Alto Dining Chair
Leda Dining Chair with Armrest
From €1.526,00
Hera Alto Dining Chair with Armrest
From €1.302,00
Hera Alto Dining Chair
From €1.187,00
Isabel Dining Chair
Regular price €1.309,00
Hera Dining Chair
From €1.281,00
Monreale Dining Table
Jiff Dining Table
Gipsy Boat Shape Solid Wood Dining Table
Regular price €5.674,00
Fly Rectangle Dining Table
From €4.130,00
Brig Side Table
From €1.541,00